Friday, June 17, 2011

why you should journal / blog

I was trying to explain to a friend the value in journaling or blogging, and articulated something I hadn’t realized. One thing I’ve noticed in reading my old moleskin entries or blog post is my past self seems so much more in tune with the world – wiser, more introspective, kinder. I realized that of course this would be true – that of course the majority of the things we would choose to write down would be the best of ourselves. Whenever I’ve written about problems I’m facing, I follow up with the solutions I’ve discovered. Whenever I’ve had a great conversation or read a line of truth, or a thought experiment that’s revealed something – these are the things I choose to write about. So of course, going back and reading these thoughts is like constantly being in conversation with the very best of myself.

So this is my entreaty to you – find time to write. Not only does it organize your thoughts in the present, but it constantly brings back to the surface your true self – the best of you – and reminds you of all you’re capable of. It’s very easy to lose ourselves in a world driven by constant stimulation, and writing can often act as the anchor, holding us steady amongst the tides.