Saturday, June 11, 2011

types of trust

Been thinking a lot about trust lately. Everyone knows the basics - that it takes forever to earn and can be lost in a moment. I've been thinking though that there are a few types of trust worth mentioning (in business, and otherwise):

- Best Friend Trust - There are people that I trust so much that I know if I ever call them and say "I need you, now, please", they'll drop everything and be there for me, whatever the cause. This type of trust has several levels of depth, this example being the deepest.

- Best Friend Trust 2 - Trusting people to ask when appropriate: I would off course be there for those same people - it works only because we trust each other to only make that phone call when we absolutely have to

- The Confidant - people you trust that you can confide in for advice / just as an outlet, who you know won't go telling anyone (not just people you both know) about what you've confided in them

- Risk Trust - people you trust not to get you hurt/in trouble - some people just lead riskier lifestyles, and some are just less considerate about putting others at risk

- Idea Trust - people you tell your ideas to - you trust them not to go off and try to use your ideas as their own and you trust them not to tell everyone they know about your great idea

- 'Handle it' Trust - people you don't mind leaving alone in important situations for you, your family or your business (also the guy you're ready to throw a 40 yard Hail Mary to, knowing he'll find a way to catch it). There are different trusts here, depending on the situation, of course.

- Money Trust - people you trust not to be greedy with you. Curiously, our level of 'greed' and 'generosity' varies greatly from person to person - this trust let's you know for sure that you're not getting the short end of the stick with this person

- Personality Trust - the trust built up to where you 'know' the person - they're a predictable entity, and you're sure that all the other trusts you've built are real