Thursday, April 21, 2011

coursehorse launches.

CourseHorse helps you find local classes. For the first time ever, there is an easy way for people to access real, local education after they’ve left school. CourseHorse is for everyone that discovered how much they loved learning only after they finished their formal education. For all the parents that want their children to keep learning after school and over the summer, for all the professionals that want to keep adding to their skill sets, to keep improving, to keep taking steps forward. For everyone looking for a constructive way to spend their time – to keep their mind and body on, even as they relax and socialize.

It’s important to know that the schools posting their classes on CourseHorse are led by some unbelievable people. We’ve worked with them, spoken with them, met them, and they are some of the most intelligent, creative, driven people you will ever have the good graces to learn from. Every single one has married two passions – a love of the subject they teach, and a yearning to share that love with others. Imagine – they have built entire schools for the purpose! Theirs is perhaps the best kind of work – one of creation, collaboration and generosity. Katie and I are ineffably grateful to every single one that has taken the leap with us, sharing our vision for education that doesn’t end.

Take a look. Find something you like, or let us know and we’ll find it for you and put it on CourseHorse. Overcome your hesitation, self-doubt, indecision – and we guarantee that it will be rewarding.

Oh, and all classes are 10% off for the next week - use the promo code 'ponyup' :)